Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Cairngorms : Intro Ski Tour 2

Gus and John in the Ciste Gully

Gus in the trees above Glenmore
Back out again today with John and Gus. Again the ski road was shut during the night a fairly substantial amount of snow fell in Aviemore. We headed to the Ciste Gully and had a good run down that while ticking of various skills along the way with the main focus being on avalanche conditions.
We skinned up through the trees and again once clear of the treeline we where hit with plenty of strong winds and blowing snow. The day improved steadily and towards the end the clouds had lifted giving some sun and views across the hills.
Although it has snowed heavily the wind has scoured many areas but there will be some pretty suspect build up in many areas and with a nice forecast for the rest of the week be careful.
The ski conditions on the whole are not that great the hill from what I could see doesn't really have that much snow on it. Where there is such as the Ciste Gully it is a very tricky to ski on with very large 'sastrugi' formations making it hard to ski on.
Today I was out for Cairngorm Adventure Guides