Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Cairngorms : Intro Ski Tour 3

Gus descending Lurchers with some blue skies above

Skins back on to 1141

I was out today for the last day with Gus as John just joined us for the last to.  At last we had some clear skies although the wind was still there it made for a much nicer day. We headed out and up to the top of Lurchers and then back down the gully. From there a skin to Sneachtda covering a few things along the way. We headed down through the ski area to finish. The skiing on the whole is not great across the mountain, its very windblown large formations which makes consistent turns tricky. The piste we came down was in great shape, my preferred type hard and fast.  Lots of folk heading in to climb and carry out various skills sessions. 
Today I was out for Cairngorm Adventure Guides