Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Patagonia Clothing

Triolet pants 
Mixed Guide Hoody 

Well here is a review for some of the clothing which Patagonia have sent me this season. My original arrangement was to be equipped to cycle from Cairo to Capetown but as it happens I started in Cairo and soon found myself in Fort William, less sun and more blizzard. When I returned I asked Sophie with whom I had been in contact whether we may be able to extend this arrangement to a Scottish winter and happily she said yes with the arrangement being I mention it on the blog so I am !
The clothing which I have has been excellent up to this point and has withstood all manor of vicious weather. It would be easy to just say 'yes its brilliant' but it has been. The Scottish winter weather is fairly well known for being wild and this season seems to be presenting the normal mix of wind, snow, rain some sun and all mixed together can be demanding on kit and being wet and cold is both unpleasant and also negligent in regards to being responsible for others.
First up was the Triolet pants (although we say trousers). Made with a three way Gore Tex shell they are the bombproof trouser which can cope with all weather. That is certainly what I have found and they have not leaked at all even in driving sleet at around 50mph. They are also a neat cut with all weather zips and the internal gaiter have a rubbery thing on them which stick to the boot and stops them riding up which is neat. The only recommendation that I would have for them would be braces as I seem to be dropping pounds quite quickly and they don't have much left in the belt !
For a coat it was the  Mixed Guide Hoody. This is a combination of Soft Shell and Gore Tex which works well and again has not leaked as the soft shell has a magic substance or layer through it which makes it waterproof. What is nice is that it is stretchy where you want it around the elbow and breathes through a panel at the back. It also has good pockets which fit a map and has all the zips waterproofed.
Underneath I have the Alpine Guide Jacket. This is a softshell which keeps out the wind and rain at the moment. I have found that softshells often keep the rain out for a while but soon loose the sheen they have on them but always stay wind resistant. Its a handy neat jacket which has been perfect for the walk ins.
The thermals under everything have been there capaline which have been warm and comfy. Not much you can say about a thermals but these have been great and very warm. They also look stylish but unless I get lucky in the Grog and Gruel in Fort William then no one will ever know that.
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The interesting thing about Patagonia's clothing is that I have worked through twelve years instructing in the Scottish winters and all the kit which I have bought or blagged of them is still with me some has been demoted to less arduous roles but it still works. I have bought kit from all the main makers and none of it lasts that long and some barely a season. Patagonia kit may cost a bit more but balanced with how long it lasts it makes it the best kit for those wanting to spend less on kit in the long run.