Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Aiguille Percee, Tignes Le Lac

The Aiguille Percee above Tignes Le Lac 
Nice round trip of the Aiguille Percee which sits above Tignes Le Lac. Starting out I bumped into a random Frenchman and we seemed to team up and go for the tour together up and round the mountain. It felt a bit springlike with a warm day and although plenty of cover where it matters it is patchy, off piste in the is nice once it has had a little time in the sun in the shade it is a bit cruddy and icy in places. Looks like that should change in the morning as there is a forecast for snow to arrive, the weather reports seems to differ on what the amount will be so we shall see. A few turns on video coming back down to the resort taken at an inventive angle.