Monday, December 16, 2013

Tignes and lots of skinning and tours

Couloir's above Tignes Le Lac in the French Alps 

heading up the left coulouir above Le Lac 

Im out in Tigne at the moment with Donald who is here on a course but with his accommodation booked in I have come out and am residing on the floor of the smallest room I have ever seen. While Donald is away at ski school perfecting his Tele skills I have been putting in some serious miles on the skins. Day one was about 1400 mts of height gain and today about the same. I also had a look into the coiloirs which over look the Le Lac of Tignes Le Lac. Steep and also pretty icy. The weather here has been great over the last while but it has resulted in some pretty firm snow conditions. More needed although compared to home its a luxury. Today I took a tour to the Aiguille Chardonet (not the Chamonix one) skiining up from Le Lac I made it to a short boot climb which would have been better with crampons but they where down below. I came to a col above the breche but the summit looked a little tricky on my own.

The Col sits left of centre quite rocky but the skiing below the upper rocks was good.
There is certainly a good cover of snow but it has become bony and hard in places. Some more is 'maybe' on its way although this may not stretch to here, but there is plenty of snow in my books.

Nice views back to Monti Bianco's wild side the Dent du Geant and just in is the Jorasse summits.