Saturday, July 21, 2012

Busy on the Isle

Dad heading towards the top of the Burg under one of the many strings of Basalt crags 
Tavool House 
Its been a bit of a blogging blackout of late but here is an update. I am currently living on the island now as the Warden of Tavool house which means that I live here year round but in terms of it operating as an outdoor center this is a mainly through the summer which leaves the winter to instruct on the hill.
Its been busy with groups coming and going and the season feels in full swing. Its generally been the best spot in terms of weather this summer with much of the country looking like its been very wet, apart from the odd few days its been fairly dry here although with another group on its way its starting to look a little wetter which seems to be the way.
Dad and I had a walk out over the Burg peninsula for a look around. A pretty direk day but we had enough of a view to spy out several pretty good looking single pitch crags which look to have no routes on and should be worth a look when its dry.
Not a bad outlook 
There have been various updates to the website for the up and coming cycle trip. There could be a couple of friendly faces joining me for the trip through Egypt but I shall await confirmation before popping their names in but it should make for some entertaining miles and a good start to the expedition. Have a look for some updates and new content by clicking here. Also I have updated the look as some people thought the last image layout made it hard to read. Also keep an eye out for the next Adventure Travel magazine which I shall be in.
I have been getting out on a few rides although I need to do some more as the start date gets nearer. As I shall be coming back to this job it puts a time emphasis on getting it done so some longer faster rides are in order to ensure success !!!!
The gear which has been donated is starting to arrive now so a trip with the fully loaded bike might be in order to get the feel of a bike with a few months worth of stuff on it.