Thursday, June 28, 2012

Hill day Mull

Liam on Gabro, Isle of Mull

Nearly there ! 

A bit of a blogging black out of late as the summer monsoon arrives. And also various shopping trips preparing the house for the arrival of groups doesn’t make for the cutting edge outdoor adventures mainly seen on this blog. That said though I have created a nice bolognaise dish !!
I was out with a group from Hordle of Woolhampton on a hill day today. We headed out to a hill next to Ben Moore which gave a nice summit with good views across Mull which showed lots more hills and crags having never gained much height on Mull before I got a good glimpse of plenty of scrambles and crags to have a look at over the summer.
Preparation for the big cycle ticks away in the back ground including our now main supporter Patagonia which is a great result and will ensure high quality travel wear will be on the cards!