Saturday, February 1, 2014

Catch up

Dawn in the bush at Ol Pejeta Camp in Kenya 
Well its been pretty busy since the wheels touched down in Nairobi meeting people and getting the lay of the land and various members of the team. Its a great set up in Kenya with a large standing camp from which to run things. It sits in Ol Pejeta conservancy which is about 20k’s out of Nanyuki which also happens to have the equator running through. The office is in the southern Hemisphere but the supermarket is in the Northern Hemisphere! Ol Pejata is a huge area in the Laikipia region in Northern Kenya and sits under Mount Kenya. Its home to the big five and also has two types of Rhino here black and white, one of which and I cant remember which there is 4 out only 7 left in the world. I have seen one poking around at the back of the camp. Its interesting listening in the evening with the odd lion roar last night and the cackle of hyenas. I think yesterday just walking to round the camp there was a Giraffe, Rhino, Cape buffalo, Baboons, Antelope, bushbucks and Crowned Cranes. 
We have had a school group in this week who have been doing various things with a little community work in the local school and we had a good ride on the mountain bikes around the area outside the park. 
Busy week coming up with an international school again from Nairobi which are taking on a mountain bike expedition for their Duke of Edinburgh which looks to have some long days in the saddle heading towards the final camp towards the end of the week at Ngdare Ndare forest under mount Kenya. 

Pretty hot at the moment as we are in mid summer here and that means around 30 to 35 during the middle of the day but the early mornings and evenings are cooler and the night is very cold. 

Local cyclists on the community land.