Saturday, February 1, 2014

MTB Expedition to Ngdare Ndare forest : Kenya

Nickson one of the local MTB Leaders 
Benedict one of the teachers looking over the wheat fields beyond Timau
Well am back after a few good days in the saddle with a group on a mountain bike trip. Some hot days and long distances covered. Taking the trails up from Ol Pejeta to Timau and then on to Ngdare Ndare (sheep,water) forest on the flanks of Mount Kenya. 
Some great biking and trails with a minimal amount of tarmac really just a case of crossing the main road occasionally. Certainly best to limit your time on African main roads due to the rather risky postion cyclists are in. Not much loved by motorists here and will either knock you off or rev up to intimidate you off the road. The trails though are great. Either hard dirt tracks or nice single tracks through the forested areas. 
Some nice camps to use along the way. We had a last night in the Ngdare Ndare forest on the last night which has a good stock of elephants in it and a careful stick together approach is required through these areas as the elephants can charge. As we left the camp this morning to head out to Timau for a pick up we did come across a large lone bull elephant and there was some careful shuffling to get past him. 

Very hot on the bike at the moment as we are in the height of the summer and things are very dry giving some serious dust issues on the tracks. 

Skills training area in the forests above the Nanyuki airstrip 

Skills training on various drops and steep ground
Cooling off after a few days in the saddle