Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Cold to Wet to Hot and Dry !

The Isle of Mull in drier conditions not seen for a while, Ben More from the Burg
Well since getting back from the Alps which seems some time ago although is actually little more than a week its been all go.
Certainly by looking at the amount of broken walls downed trees and the very high sea weed line above the roads it looks like the Western Isles have taken a fair beating through the festive period and perhaps not a bad time to have been away. Since being back it seems to have been raining non stop although I have not managed to get out into the snow it does sound as though the conditions have been snowy and plenty of people are out getting things done. A friend Donald was skiing on Aonach Mor only a couple of days ago and reported superb conditions for the ski's.

What has also been going on over the last week has been a frantic sorting game of packing and all out    faffing. After two great years on the island with Hebridean Pursuits, Tavool and various other things its been time to take on a new challenge and job. Moving from freelance to full time now with a position of 'Operations and Field Manager' for Rift Valley Adventure. A kenyan based company operating in the North of the country near the town of Nanyuki. With all the stuff which was a pretty amazing amount which had built up over the two years at the house on Mull safely stashed away in Fort William it was off to Africa. I flew out via Dubai from Glasgow arriving in Nairobi at about T time to warm weather and very heavy traffic jams leaving the airport. I am in the Karen area and should be heading North tomorrow where I can see the base and where we shall be operating from. So plenty more on that and Africa in general as time goes on. Should be a great new venture and looking forward to the next few weeks of activity and general orientation.

Karen Blixens home in 'Karen' Nairobi visited in 2012 and now just down the road from me now !