Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Bon Annee !

St Gervais, the bubbles leave from town over the road and up towards Mont Jolie 
 Well a bit of a break on the blog as there have been some technical issues with getting pics up but here are a few from the last few days post new year. The weather has been up and down in the Chamonix valley with a few dark and wet days but also plenty of snow being put down. This has to say the least created a huge number of serious avalanches throughout the Alps resulting in fatalities. Some serious conditions to contend with for those heading away from the pistes. We had some loveley skiing in St Gervais which sits just out side the main Chamonix areas but offers great terrain linking the skiing on Mont Joly with Megeve. Well that is it for me back to Scotland this week and hopefully the wild weather will ease off enough to get a plane in.

Great views from Mont Arabois to Mont Blanc 

Victoria running through powder above St Gervais 

Great snow 

Very nice terrain through the woods above St Gervais 

Time to hit the road again leaving the Alps to see what the next adventure has in store !