Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Cairngorms : Intro Ski Mountaineering

Looking through the Larig Grhu

The Cairngorms Northern Corries 

Liz skiing out the bottom of Lurchers 

Liz on the way to the top
A stunning day in the Cairngorms with blue skies and views right across the Highlands. I was out with Liz on an introduction to ski mountaineering course. We headed out from the ski area car park and worked our way up Lurchers gully and on to the summit. From there the views where exceptional. The snow was pretty firm I hoped that it would soften a little before the descent which it did a little although firm it was grippy on the edges.
We skied down Lurchers gully before linking some patches round to the other side where some nice bowls and ribbons of snow led towards the Chalamain gap and back down for a short hoof back up to the path.
Its great conditions at the moment and there where large numbers out making the most of it either by ski or foot. I could not see into the Corries with much detail but various people where suggesting things where in nice 'Alpine Conditions' with firm neve and good cover.
Hope fully this will remain for a little while as its made a nice change not having to wear goggles !
Today I was working for Cairngorm Adventure Guides