Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Cairngorms : Ski mountaineering, Windy

Certainly gives you something and at the moment you need a good edge, 4 of them 

Liz patch hopping low down integral part of Scottish ski touring 

Snow and sun ! 

I was out with Liz today where the weather seemed a little different to yesterday, perhaps a little more business as usual. The winds where very strong towards the tops and although no snow fell there was plenty of ice and bits in the air. We headed up into the Ciste gully with the aim of having a trip over the top but the plateux was not looking to pleasant so we had a run to the bottom and then skinned back up into Sneachtda before having a run out towards the gorge at the bottom and coming back up to the car park.
The snow was still pretty firm although grippy and fun enough for a ski. We had a chat about various avalanche things and places where you could meet some more touring minded folk such as the Eagles ski mountaineering club. For more info on them click here.
Back west via the isle now and hopefully the good conditions will continue !
Today I was working for Cairngorm Adventure Guides