Sunday, February 17, 2013

Glen Coe : Mountain Skills

Discussing something about winter mountaineering 

Looking across the ski area towards the Buchaille 
Davids grimace ! 
 I was out with a David and Mark today although the plan had originally been for four people in the end it was 2, Natalie also came along to have a look at the day. We headed into the ski area and round to various short stretches of rock where we looked at various things.
The day began with a walk in a warm clag although the day got better and better with the skies clearing to give blue skies and clear views all around. Driving out there looked to be plenty of snow, the ridge around Creise looked great in the sun, Lochan looked to have plenty of snow in it and the Aonach Eagach looked stunning.
With the weather looking like it should hold and the temperatures dropping then things look like they will be great for the next few days.
If you are in the area then the Fort William mountain film festival is coming up and has a few things that will be well worth a watch so to find out more details then have look (click here)
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