Friday, January 18, 2013

Ben Nevis : Very windy !

Looking up through the blowing snow towards the Orion Face, Ben Nevis 

Some ice on the Curtain 

Looking up into the Ciste 

Natalie holding on through gusts 
I am over on the mainland with some winter work about to commence. I was keen to get over for a couple of days and see what the general conditions where. I headed out with Nat who is up getting ready for an assessment this winter and despite the forecast and windows rattling most of the night due to the high winds we got up to have a look. We headed up to the hut passing numerous people heading down and had a quick loop around the hut chatting about a few things along the way.
No one was out climbing and the winds where very strong so no surprise  There was not that much snow on the mountain looking around and some limited ice.
The crags seemed to look white around the tops but for the moment I think we could do with some of the snow down south making it here. With a dry and cold period this will give little in the way of precipitation to help build things up a little, That said though things are there and there is still plenty to go and do around the mountain. A few flakes falling this evening and it certainly sounds like there is snow in the Cairngorms.