Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Hill day, Cruachan Dearg

The summits of Cruachan Dearg and Corra Bheinn on the Isle of Mull 

Looking west to Ben More snow is down to around 550/600mts

Gabro steps on Cruachan Dearg

Charles on the snow 
Today I was out with Charles who has been staying at Tavool and helping out with various things on the house. We headed out under blue and cold skies today and headed for Cruachan Dearg. It was a frosty start and as we gained height the snow started at around 600mts. On the tops it is frozen hard and looking west to Ben More its well plastered and axe and crampons are needed.
I have a few more jobs to finish off this week on the Isle, road construction has been underway mending the track that leads down to the house. It should when finished be smooth enough for a low slung sports car to drive down !!
I will be heading to the mainland at the end of the week and will have a few days to head out and suss the condition's for a string of work both on the East and West. The much needed wintry weather which is now pushing through the Highlands has renewed the snow and greatly improved conditions which I hope will create some good conditions. The film edit for the Egypt cycle is coming along well so stay tuned here for its premier, my computer is having a minor set back on account of the 500 hours of HD footage on it.