Saturday, January 19, 2013

Sgurr Innse, Larig Leach

Sgurr Inse above the Larig Leach, the routes where James and I where top terrace right but nothing more than 3 routes here ! 

Natalie happy to be where the map says ! 
I was out for another stretch this time on Sgurr Inse off to the side of the Larig Leach. Natalie was having a practice and taught us a few things and practised a few navigation legs. I had once before visited this crags with James Thacker a few years ago making a couple of new routes but looking further round it has some pretty large cliffs with only a couple of routes recorded. With low snow and good frozen ground it would certainly be well worth looking at with some options of all grades including a good looking scramble round the back. Perhaps something to return to.
In general there was not that much snow although what there was lay hard or was being blown into pockets of slab in various gullies and lee dips. Looking further east things seemed to grow whiter. Looks like there should be some more snow and perhaps windy weather going into next week.
I shall be heading to the East this week coming for some work on the planks which is looks like there should be plenty of snow for it.