Saturday, October 20, 2012

Intro rock 2

Andrew coming up one of the corners and slab areas we found unamed severe. Some awkward undercut bottom sections.  

Precarious route back to car avoiding the drink ! 

Stance above the sea
Andrew and I where back out today building on yesterdays skills. We  headed a little further along the coast from yesterday to where the rock switches from the rough granite around Fionphort to schist crags. 
We looked at various anchors and tying with slings or the rope and Andrew built many anchors as we headed round the coast. We found a larger crag towards the point a few bays around from Uiskin which gave some nice corners and slabs. 
We also had a look at abseils and stance management as the day went on. 

A dry day apart from a couple of heavy showers at lunch, never appreciated on schist ! 

I headed back to Tavool with just enough time to run the hoover round and pop sausages in the oven before the last group of the season arrived from Bradford on the evening ferry. Noticeable that its now dark when they arrive surely time to head to the desert !