Sunday, October 28, 2012

Cairo to the Cape now under way !

Major kit explosion, which was meant to happen in Cairo not Glasgow, but can you spot Fingers the mouse 

Expedition now under way ! Its been a while in the planning and to be honest even though I would look at blog posts when  I published them catching the countdown clock in the corner of my eye it never seemed to go down. But it has.... Donald and I left Mull yesterday morning and I was ever so grateful to Donald for helping out and letting me make use of his spacious camper to move the bike around. A good night was had last night in Fort Wiliiam with various people and curry leading to a slightly fuzzy head this morning but nerves and anticipation soon washed that away and the expedition got under way.

Alan and I arrived in Glasgow this evening ready for the flight early in the morning. Alan being a little more organised than me thought it would be a good idea to stay near the airport the night before in order to get bags weighed giving us enough time to then re arrange if needed. Good idea,  my baggage allowance is 23kg my bag 37kg (including bike). Lots of re packing and spreading the load and getting extra boxes from Tesco and we now have everything all ready to take to the skies. The hardest part by far is about to begin, I have a hefty dislike of aeroplanes. Crossing the north African deserts on a bicycle no problem but the giant cigar tube in the sky always creates a large amount of tension for me. 

As I track south I hope to blog and post images as I go and this will be where it all appears so stay tuned and see what happens. If your linked into various social media things then it would be great to get likes and shares through them if you are able, it will help spread the word for the charity and fundraising which I hope to achieve through this trip.

All the details on the ride and what I am raising money for over the course of this ride can be seen by clicking the link on the left 'big African ride' and donations can be made easily online with Just Giving again there is a link on the left.   

Shukran (thank you in Arabic, plenty of new lingo to be learnt)