Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Cairo and Admin !

Al Hazar mosque near the hotel in the Islamic quarter of Cairo 
It was at very high speed in the middle of the night that Alan and I arrived at the hotel. The rumours around the driving here where true. The hotel situated in the Islamic area of the city and more towards old Cairo than down town wasn't quite as the images had suggested on the web prior to booking but its a bed and has a nice roof area for a mint tea. I had spoken to an Irish fella shortly before setting off who had suggested he was keen to join. We didn't speak to much before just knowing he was from Dublin,  could ride a bike and that was about it. When we arrived  'Danny from Dublin' was on the roof waiting. He will be with us and we shall see what happens nice to think there is one more for the desert.
Up early this morning its been a busy day mainly with the urgent job of getting the visa for onward travel into the Sudan which seems to have gone well so far with the passports and paperwork handed in at the embassy. We are due to collect them tomorrow morning so fingers crossed it will be ok. There have been a few story's of them not being returned so its a bit of a crux.
We had a good wander round at lunch, we headed through Tahirir Square and down to the Nile before quickly getting back and assembling the bikes. Its been a long day and I shall be having an early night and hoping that the visa will be there for collection in the morning.
Will post some more images and some more on Cairo tomorrow !