Thursday, May 17, 2012

3 Peaks and 3 teeth down and a hurricane !

Summit cairns and man in the mist, Ben Nevis 
I  have spent much of the last week in some pain until a swift resolution with an Oban Dentist who last week got busy and pulled out the offending teeth. After a some quiet time it was a day on the Ben last Saturday which I have to say I was not looking forward to as it meant sucking a lot of cold air. I was on with Liam, Mikey and Jamie working for Keswick based Mountain Sense. We went for a Marshaling tactic and I sat at the halfway lochan ticking teams as they passed which gave us a late finish at around 9pm.
The mountain is in a pretty wintry condition up high with snow falling and plenty still on the top. The weather changed as I headed home with some very strong winds and rain. I just managed to catch the only ferry out of Oban to Mull on the Sunday due to the weather. Driving home on the island there was water everywhere flooding the roads. Summer is here !
Looks like the weather will remain turbulent through the next few days and remaining cold with more snow showers through the week on the hills.