Saturday, May 19, 2012

Fionphort Mull, Idyllic bouldering

Pink rough granite in the sun 

Fionphort bay with Iona in the distance, carry on round the corner and there is more and more rock 

Clean cracks and slabs 
Some warm and sunny weather has reached us now making things feel a little more like summer is round the corner. I headed out to have a look at the bouldering at the end of the Ross of Mull at Fionphort which over looks Iona. The main climbing in this area is round on the tiny Erraid island just around the corner but for bouldering there are endless things to go at all around this end of the island. Its rough pink granite which is great to climb on although after not to long the tips will start to strip. Couple the rock with the white sand beaches and turquoise seas it makes for a great setting.
The main place to get any info on the climbs here is in the Gary Latter Scottish Climbing guide which has most things detailed. The bouldering though you can just make up as you go and you could easily spend many weeks here not touching the same bit of rock. One big benefit to climbing here is that it often has a breeze which will keep the midge at bay although not the ticks sadly. The midge has started to appear now and the ticks are the worst I have experienced so far !
Hamish watching the Iona ferry dock