Thursday, June 19, 2014

Under an African Sky : Photo's

The African sky is one of the most impressive features of this continent they are huge going on as far as the eye can see. Infact I have just found out that the view from the summit of Mount Kenya which stretches to Killimanjaro is the second longest line of sight on earth. Here are a few of those skies.

Afternoon clouds rolling in over Ol Pejeta conservancy just outside Nanyuki taken from the land cruiser passing through Barrakka while heading to the office to check up on emails and admin.

Clouds forming over Ethi and Timau in the late afternoon while returning from an Adventure Training course with the British.
Sunrise on Mount Kenya looking out over the rugged almost Dolomitic peaks which lie around the main summits en route to the top with the Pepponi School from Nairobi
Big country heading back with ‘Facebook’ the boda boda driver to camp after a trip to town to get supplies and prepare for the next group.

First light from the mountain as the sun comes through in bursting colours one of the biggest treats in the high mountains and enjoyed by the Pepponi school ascent.
Sunset over the Ol Pejeta conservancy, the true African features, Acacia tress and a giant blood red sun going down. Watched from the tent while typing
A lone worker in the wheat fields which lie below Mount Kenya seen on the ISK mountain bike multi day expedition.
A reccie in the Old Pejata conservancy with Joyce looking at mountain bike routes, big skies sum up the scenery in Africa large and long views where you often begin to see the earths curvature. 

Looking for another canyon site with the views out to Leywa downs, Mathews Range and Boranna in Northern Kenya. Its a big place with much to do………….

Not the sky but just like this one of a woman making here way over to Wasini Island off the southern coast of Kenya from the taxi boat from the mainland, tropical waters and the colours of the people on the coast are something special.