Saturday, May 10, 2014

Staff training, rock climbing

New crag below the forest at Ngare Ndare 

Spotting and movement 
I was out with the team looking at some staff training on the rock. We headed to a new venue which we had not been to before via a tip off from one of the rangers Ibrahim. What we found was a excellent granite crag almost a kilometre long overlooking the Lewa conservancy and on to the North and Mathews range beyond. 
 It also has a large cave which narrows and goes in a very long way, although as I headed in to take a closer look, Ibrahim announced his Grandfather and Father where buried in the back and would I like to ‘greet’ them. I politely declined and carried on scoping out the outside. We spent the day looking at teaching methods and the ‘c’ word, coaching in order to expand the sessions which we run. Looking at technique, movement and how to put that across to the clients. We also had a good look at belay methods and different ways of belaying according to the group in order to minimise the amount of standing around that sometimes happens when running group sessions. We finished off looking at some anchors and ways of linking up different anchor points and introducing the principles of being tied in while setting up. 

A very good day and the staff team was keen to learn and get more ideas for their sessions with the groups. One thing which is certain about that crag is it is very hot being that bit lower and on the edge of the semi arid region to the North. 

Running through the various topics of the day at the hottest crag in the world