Sunday, April 6, 2014

Coastal times

The bus to Mombassa always a squeeze but not a bad vehicle from the Chania bus company this time.

After a few hectic days of closing the camp and nipping to Nairobi and back to get Victoria its now time for some relaxing and recoup rating before we start up again at the end of the month. Once the camp was closed down it was back on the road to Nairobi and then the bus which is always a bit hit or miss to Mombassa. Last time I was heading I had found a good bus but had no time to locate it this time in the early morning throng on Nairobi's River Road so it was not a bad one but a bit of a schoolboy error meant I chose the seats over the back wheels which led to a sore butts all round by the time we reached the coast but a fairly trouble free journey bar the scorpion incident. I became aware something was on my calf which had come through the window a short time ago. The back row did not have enough room for all to sit back so it was my time to lean forward and sleep with my head on the seat in front so the back row could sit with their backs on the seats so I was awake and could feel something on my calf and turned it round a bit to see and it was a scorpion the only one I have seen in Africa so far we where passing Tsavo park which must have them. Not wanting to cause a stampede in the cramped bus I tried to flick it off to the floor and crush it but instead flicked it off me and between the seats onto the sleeping person in front. Not wanting to break the sleeping I for some reason punched the seat in front to make it jump which just annoyed the person in front and made it jump back on my knee but a swift slap and it was dead, everyone remained asleep.
 Its a short drive via the ferry which has sunk on occasion but no such dramas and then its a drive down to Diani and the epitome of a tropical beech. Plenty to do down here although at the moment its about getting used to the heat which is significantly higher than Nanyuki although I think its mainly the humidity which is different.

Diani beach south of Mombassa and Tiwi, very nice ! 
The resident bush baby in our room, very mellow and just stays sleeping in the rafters but he will know if you have food.

The warm waters of the Indian Ocean and camels striding by, the Kenyan version of donkey rides !