Saturday, March 30, 2013

Winter Mountaineering, Glen Coe, Alt nan Giubhas

Atmospheric with good ice in the upper section 

Finishing off at the top 
Mid way, the ice is patchier at the start after the middle it gets much better 

At the foot of the gorge 
Another stunning day in the Highlands and Glen Coe was looking spectacular. I was out again with Marissa for some more skills and with the idea of looking at some ropework. Oppertunity knocked though with the Alt nan Giubhas running up to the ski area in Glen Coe. I had always wonderd what was in there and today I found out. There where a mix of pitches with some great ice towards the top. Lower down it was a little patchy but there are some excellent sections. The top is very atmospheric dipping in and out of some pretty deep sections. We where geared towards some snow belays but all along the route there where spikes the odd tree and enough to climb through missing a the odd bit of kit I would have liked.
Very pleasing !
We had a look at some snow anchors at the top near Creag Dubh before returning to the car.
Plenty of people out and the ski area looked to be access all runs on the mountain. All the car parks up and down the Glen are pretty full so plenty of people out enjoying the bank holiday, good to see after listening to the failing SNP politician Dorothy Grace Elder on radio four yesterday berating those who would dare to go out and enjoy some exercise in a great setting !
Today I was working for Alan Kimber, West Coast Mountain Guides