Saturday, March 3, 2012

Ben Nevis, Winter Skills 1

The Orion Face through to Point 5, Ben Nevis 

The team in Observatory

A busy day on the Ben today with plenty of people searching and finding winter adventures. I was out with a winter skills team looking at various skills throughout the day. We headed to the CIC hut with some strong gusts and heavy rain but as we reached the hut it had turned to sleet and beyond that was snowing a little. Further up the hill there was evidence that some fresh snow had fallen.
Heading up into Observatory Gully there where lots of teams on Tower Scoop a few in Tower Gully and Gardayloo.  As you can see by the image above there is not alot on offer on the area with point 5 all but gone. Smiths looked visible although no one was on it.
Lots of folk where heading into the Ciste all the easy gullys had teams in.
There was a few blocks of ice around and one person was being helped out from Tower Scoop where it did look like there where far to many people all gathered under those knocking things down.
Today I was working for Alan Kimber, West Coast Mountain Guides