Saturday, February 18, 2012

Stob Ban, Giants Steps mountaineering Skills

Tom heading up one of the slabs.

Stob Ban from the bothy 

Richard grimacing through a gust  

Richard Tom and I headed into the Grey Corries aiming for Stob Ban via the Giants Steps a nice scramble over various slabs and grooves. It was a wild night with some very high winds but this morning the wind was strong but had eased of a little. We headed into the Larig Leach bothy sheltered from the high winds which seemed to be whistling over the tops and plenty of snow was being moved around. Once around the back though the odd squall hit us but we had some pretty clear skies for a bit the slabs where also out of the wind for the most part.
We weaved our way to the top looking at various short pitching techniques. Its not the easiest place to find protection giving the very compact nature of the rock but we found just enough.
Things where snowy although not that much has fallen and the ground was very soggy all the way up. Some old snow had developed a crust but below that was very soggy, Richard found this out vanishing in one hole almost his own height !!