Sunday, January 15, 2012

Winter Skills 2

Looking across the Corries and beyond 

The team on top of Cairngorm 
Head first, a bit sore on the neve ! 

Out again today and this time we headed up higher where the views where best. Heading up to 1141 we covered a few skills and made our way round to the summit. Across the plateux its very scoured and icy but very little in the way of snow. There are large patches looking towards Ben Macdui but you certainly couldnt link them on ski's. The crags seemed a bit blacker than yesterday but there are routes to be done a I spotted a few teams out.
We headed in Ciste Meridth to cover a few things before heading down. Pretty messy in there whoever has been snowing should be aware that there is a poo tube system and that litter should be taken down. Fin was the name of one of the snowhole team as he had peed his name in large letters under the snowholes ! Could be some fresh snow on the way later in the week so fingers crossed but looks like another sunny.