Monday, June 30, 2014

AT, Packing it in......

A lower into one of the shallower pools in the canyon 
Great three days of AT with a group, very keen enthusiastic and happy to be here. Based at the new camp we have which is much nearer the Ngare Ndare venues where our beds for the nights they where here and its really coming together up there a great venue. We packed it in with a keen bunch starting off with climbing and then some abseils looking through various things along the way. A full canyon session involving jumps, abseils, lowers, rescues etc and then finished off with the full mt Kenya mountain bike loop. The new ‘Forest Camp’ sits just by the entry gates to the forest and has some stunning views from the tents out to the mountain and forests below. The area we wanted the tents is a pretty steep hillside among the trees and so built platforms in cut to the hill and jutting out giving the views and some seclusion. From here its possible to just bike straight into the venues cutting the need for transport, the way in easy the way out a steep pull to earn the tea and coffee waiting at the top. 
Other groups have been in one large school team from Brunei who are in for various things but at the moment are up on the mountain, I was due to head up with them but we have a busy week ahead with some last minute AT groups coming through. Bike safari’s have also been underway with private bookings. The season is not over yet and so the show goes on. People are coming to Kenya although the travel advisories have had an effect on the coast and also relations between the UK and Kenya strained. We also have a team from Taiwan who are doing a course with us in Tanzania where we have a place in Arusha that we can use with groups, this is a mainly serviced based trip. Its a nice area having been there in the past, its the usual stop over for those coming to climb Killi and access some of the areas famous parks, Ngoro goro crater, Lake Manyara and the Serngeti. 

I recently saw the picture below which could make for a new advert for the bike safari trips………

A sketch image from the web could be a good bike safari add !