Thursday, June 26, 2014

Adventure Training courses

Mountain Biking in the Mount Kenya Forest 
A busy few days on various things around Laikipia a variety of groups have been in. Some on Adventure Training which I have mainly been focussed on over the last week. Some large numbers passing through this time with around 200 on the courses. This has been up at the climbing site and also in the forest Canyon. Also we have a MIAS mountain bike course with many passing and gaining their mountain bike leader qualification. The new canyon which we found on the staff training week a little while ago has been getting used lots, its meant we can cut down on the driving a little instead walking between the venues. We did have an interesting moment leaving the crag on the last day in the vans. As we passed through the forest we came across an Elephant herd passing on a little further we came across the large bull who’s head was in a bush but as soon as he clocked the fact we where watching and there he launched out of the bush charging the bus. It would be a terrifying thing to be on foot and not have the protection of the bus to rely on. He is a huge bull which if often in the forest and gets fairly grumpy when vehicles pass. 
Still more groups to go in this the busiest period of the year. We have a school coming in from Brunie this weekend who are regulars and I shall be heading up the mountain with them as they do a DofE style trip on the hill. We shall be taking a different line this time coming in from Timau which should be interesting to see the other side.