Monday, February 24, 2014

MTB Races, Cragging and Adventure training

Having a further look around the local crag, a crag almost devoid of natural protection. 
Continuing the non stop theme its been a busy run with adventure training with some large numbers passing through the doors. Various sessions at the rock site with varying levels being catered for. Some simple introductions to rock climbing to those who hold their SPA and who are looking to progress so some training on various rope tricks. 
Still very hot at the moment although some very heavy rain showers passing through which although to me having come from the UK should pose no problems, working in the rain is pretty much the norm although the issues start to become apparent when you try and drive on the ‘maram’ roads which very quickly fall apart making it similar to driving on black ice. The rains should still be some time away though according to local opinion and should kick in more towards April. 
I was also out at Boranna which is an area that lies more or less on the edge of the Lewa conservancy where the the 10 to 4 mountain bike race was taking place. I had to deliver some prizes which RVA was putting up. It was an impressive event and gave me a chance to see what the mountain bike scene is like here and its obviously quite big. On the way to the venue we saw various competitors including one lying in the dirt at the side of the road having wiped out. He required some first aid as he must have come clean over the top of the bike and his thumb seemed to have taken the most impact, most of the top half was gone and the rest flattened into a frayed mess. Not much you can do really other than get out a water bottle pierce a hole in it and spray it clean cover it and get them to a medic. I am not sure he will be keeping the rest of the thumb for long. 

A nice peddle out with one group within  the conservancy where we are able to do a bike safari, various animals seen from the comfort of the saddle although I was aware there is nothing between you and the animals. One person told me its fine as lions are scared of bikes personally I was not convinced. 

Mountain Bike racing has a strong following in Kenya at the 10 to 4 race on Mt Kenya 
climbing on nice granite avoiding the missile perched to the left ! 

The route above is at the Ngdare Ndare venue to the right of the big tree 
Chuka dancing at camp in the evening !