Monday, December 23, 2013

Pila, Val d' Aosta, Italy

Once Donald and I departed Tignes I headed for Sallanche. Rob Jarvis and I had a good day taking the drive through the tunnel under Mont Blanc into Italy and visiting the Pila ski area for some off piste skiing and generally checking out the area. It sits above the town of Aosta where a small bubble is taken up and over the motorway and on up to the resort. Some good snow was there to be found high up in the various north facing bowls. The area gives some stunning views across to the Grand Combin and the Mont Blanc range and then back to the Grivola.

Looking back from the ski area to the Grivola
It looks like the snow is coming in the next few days. It could do with it although the conditions will require some care in picking the best places to ski as there could be some significant avalanche threats in the days to come.

Rob enjoying some powder descending one of the higher bowls 
While we where out it was a bit of a video camera convention grabbing some footage on the move and here is a quick edit from the days skiing.

Ski Pila, Val d'Aosta, Christmas 2013 from High Mountain Guides on Vimeo.