Monday, August 26, 2013

Filming : Petite Verte area, Scratching, Scraping and Glacier !

Short pitches on Chamonix granite Rob with Josh and Alice behind 

Glacier travel just under the Petite Verte looking Rob, Alice and Josh and the Argentiere basin behind

Moving along 

blue skies and Chamonix granite is enough to cheer for ! 
Starting to pack it in as the week begins and we are now over flowing with 'data'. I was with Rob, Alice and Josh up and around the Petite Verte area above the Grand Montet and Argentiere. A good day with some good shots in the can although the editing phase is making me wonder, just how many harddrives will have to be sifted through.
Good weather in the end through the morning before it clouded out and became pretty chilly at the end. We headed down under the Petit Verte onto the glacier running down to the Argentiere to get some glacier travel shots with a good backdrop of the Argentiere basin, Droites, Verte and Courtes North Faces which look pretty snowy to me. Then back up towards the Petit Verte for more shots on the rope !