Saturday, February 23, 2013

'Wardens Surprise' II/III 300mts Isle of Mull

Coming up the final section on to the top of Beinn na h-lolaire

Mid way up with very good ice 

Bit thin at the start 
A nice surprise as I headed out to pick up some milk this morning. I had stuck my axes in on the off chance as various burns and water courses where beginning to freeze up. Crossing over the pass through Glen Seilisdeir on the west side of Mull I had a look at a long burn line that culminated at the top of Beinn na h-lolaire with a long stretch of steeper ice. The start was thin ice and a little crumbly and I almost thought this is not worth it but following it up it got better and better. The route follows a pretty deep streamline running off the hill dropping over various terraces where the steep sections are in between its rambling easy ground although you would still want two axes. There is not a stictch of snow here and the water is all water ice and is fairly brittle as its so cold. Around the Gruline bay area there are some huge ice lines visible but it would take a once in a blue moon freeze to bring those in.
And to top it off the milk was reduced so good morning all round !