Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Resting and 'Finding Nemo'

The Gorge 
Well I have been resting up on Mull ready for the next courses. It has always been known that Scotland can be a little wet and I am not sure how many times I have thought 'I've never seen this much rain' but today I thought 'I've never seen this much rain'. The storm which was called 'Nemo' which hit the Eastern Coast of the US dumping huge amounts of snow had made its way to us today and of course we got not snow but rain on the Isle. And a huge amount so much that the rivers where all flooded, the water usually well under the bridge by the house was perhaps just two or three feet under it, I parked the truck to take some snaps and could feel the bridge vibrating under me and shifted the truck along a little off the bridge.
The image to the left usually provides a series of plunge pools which are ideal for groups but not today!
If this has fallen as snow on the Ben and with a dropping freezing level then conditions could be superb soon ! Either that or be swamped and/or vanish !

P1070189 from Dan Goodwin on Vimeo.