Saturday, February 9, 2013

Ben Nevis : Skills refresh

The Cascades and Car Dearg the easier lines are to the right hand end 

Cramponing on the bulges around the Gulch area 

Looking from under Carn Dearg

I was out with Mike today who was looking to refresh a variety of winter mountaineering skills. He had done lots in the past with the late Mal Duff including all sorts of Scottish adventures and also the Diamond Coulouir on Mount Kenya, Mike is also the Chairman of the UK's branch of the OAV (Austrian Alpine Club).
We headed up to the hut before picking off various topics which ranged from movement and short icy sections to belaying and tying off coils ! It was a fairly busy workshop style day which we did on various bits of ground including the easier of the cascades under Carn Dearg.
Things seemed to be in great shape around the hill in general teams where on all the major ice lines that I could see including a couple of teams on Nordwand, The Curtain, Vanishing, Comb and the The Point.
Today I was working for Alan Kimber, West Coast Mountain Guides