Monday, January 28, 2013

Cairngorms : Bath Uni Skills

A break from the wind in an old snowhole ! 

Breezy making your way back up for another ice axe arrest 

Cramponing in the Ciste Gully 

I was out for the first of three days with Alice, John and Phil on a mountaineering course who are up from Bath. We headed out early to get the better end of the days weather. We looked at various winter skills which would set us up for the rest of the course. They are all walkers with quite a bit of climbing experience and looking to get onto some more technical ground this winter. We beat the weather a little as the early part of the day was not to bad although things got windier and more clagged in as the day went. It was not that cold either you could certainly notice the rising freezing level.

It looks like the stormy weather will continue through the week with some pretty strong winds forecast. Be wary of the thaw with the forecast suggesting rain to high levels on the hill and there is still a fair amount of slab about so make sure to pick safe areas.

Today I was working for Alan Kimber, Westcoast Mountain Guides