Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Cairngorms : Bath Uni, Ropework

Sneachtda today prior to the wind 
Icy bulge in the back of Sneachtda 

The Fiachaill Buttress 

Alice arriving at a stance 

Are plan worked well today with an early start and straight into the corrie to try and get the lull before the foretasted heavy weather arrived. We where keen to get the ropes out today and look at the nuts and bolts of pitched climbing. I headed into the back of Sneactda where I had hoped to see some more ice but instead we found a short bulge under the Fiachall where we looked at tying in to the anchor and belaying. From there we headed round to the twin ribs and created a few mixed pitches. The weather stayed fine dry and bright until around 2 when the clag came in and the wind picked up. By the time we got round to the car park some very strong gusts where knocking us about and it was raining. A flurry of snow hit us as we finished on the Twin Ribs but soon turned to rain and the snow and ice in and around the corrie was thawing.
However the most unusual aspect of the day that occured was at lunch when I found that my Kit Kat was two fingers of solid chocolate with no biscuit centre !
Today I was working for Alan Kimber, West Coast Mountain Guides

Imagine the size of a large one !