Monday, December 3, 2012

Kenya : Mombasa and Tiwi

Dawn on the bus to Mombasa coming through Tsavo national park, head out the window was the only way to not overheat 

Not a bad beech on the whole, Tiwi beech about 40km south of Mombasa 

Busy streets in Mombasa early in the morning before the heat hits 
Woman and child heading to the markets in Likoma 

Young lad fishing off the reef

A trip to the sea over the last few days to relax a little before the rather extreme temperature change coming up later in the week. It was down to Mombassa on the night bus. Nairobi has seemed very safe so far although you certainly a get a different impression heading down town to get the night bus on the River road, night time seems to bring a much sharper edge to the city and lingering around is not the best option. I bought a ticket for the TSS night bus which was due to arrive in Mombassa around 8 the following morning. Not the smoothest night spent on the road with some very erratic driving, sweltering humidity and no suspenion made for a fairly long night. Arrival in Mombassa in the morning was a fair shock when you haven't slept, busy and very hot. Its got a much different feel to other city's in Africa with a much more African and Arabian mix. The port area is bustling with people heading back and forth on the ferrys which are similar to the Corran ferry idea. I was instantly told off for taking pictures which it turned out where not allowed although nothing came of it. The plan was to head to the sleepy and blissed out beeches at Tiwi just south of Mombassa. It was a stunning area similar to Zanzibar with all the attributes of a beech paradise with white beeches  palms, coral reefs and colourful fish.  The heat was the thing which took the most getting used to with the highest level of hummidty that I have experienced making any activity beyond day break almost impossible. Fisherman come back and forth selling fresh fish which you can cook up in the evening all caught fresh that day.  After spending some time there then it was back to Mombassa and then back this time on the day bus. My ticket was this time for the bus called ‘the Guardian Angel’ and shamefully I upped to a VIP in true Mzungu style aiming for comfort. A good decision to head back during the day as the views are stunning coming through the Tsavo national park. Some wildlife was there to see although much of it will stay away from the roads. The traffic on the return into town made for a very long delay with the traffic at an almost standstill. A couple more days in town and the main task is to find a bike box.