Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Kenya : Return

Giraffes out in the bush,  Kenya 
Well its a shame but this trip has to come to an end for me. In short it turned out to be more expensive than I had worked out and so I need to return and earn some shillings rather than risk running up bills which at this time is not wise. It fine when your 18 but perhaps not at 34. Its a great shame in many ways but it has been a superb experience up to this point. Its certainly the best way I have found to get to see a country and cant recommend cycling as a means of long distance travel. Experiencing Egypt on a bike was superb and we certainly got to see large areas of the country where tourists would not go, it was also interesting to see what people where thinking after the recent uprising which appears to still be ongoing with the president making some daft decisions. Possibly we where there at the right time as tea and medals in Tahiri Square may not be a good decision at the moment. Thankfully Alan made it through without any troubles. Kenya provides some great cycling though the plains and parks and you could spend months just here exploring.
For all its a return that will be temporary as I would like to get this done even if it is a few sections. I shall certainly be back in Africa and with a bike to. Otherwise all those jabs will have been for nought. I shall be heading back in a week or so as all trips need to have an R and R phase so a few days on the coast will be in order before returning to what sound like wintry conditions.