Thursday, May 3, 2012

Hong Kong wasn't built in a day !

The Convention and Exhibition Center (wavy building on the harbor)

The roof of the exhibition center being built 

Lofty positions building sky scrapers 
A few old images have come to light from Hong Kong in the 90's which I thought would be worth posting about. When I was there it was pre handover when it was easy to enter and gain a work visa. As such it was used by many who where traveling through Asia as a stop gap and a way to generate some cash for traveling on. It was a time where the British has started lots of construction jobs. I think or so the rumor goes was that the Chinese had said that the money that Hong Kong has generated was to remain within HK rather than be taken home to London as so they started rather alot of lavish contruction jobs including huge sky scrapers, bridges and at the time the largest airport in the world, Chek Lap Kok.One other job which they started was the Exhibition center which sits on reclaimed land in the center of the harbor it looks a little like the Sydney Opera house in its shape. I worked on various jobs including this one which was to put together the roof along with some people who knew what they where doing was an army of back packers. Its no real surprise that during the handover which coincided with typhoon season it leaked !
The other thing which was unique to Asia was the scaffold system which they used, it was all bamboo. It is incredibly strong but a little unnerving to climb around as it cracks and groans as you go and sometimes huge sections can collapse which devastating results.

Bamboo Scaffolding 
A long way above HK