Sunday, February 12, 2012

Stunning on Cairngorm, W, Skills

Looking to Ben Macdui from 1141

Lean on the crags but plenty to do

Fiachaill Ridge 

Views from the summit over a sea of cloud 

Emily and team on top 

Stunning on Cairngorm today with blue skies and sunshine. I was out with Emily and team on a 2 day skills course. The day started with a hard frost which firmed up the remaining snow overnight giving a good hard crust, digging below its still soft and only when in the sun later in the day did we break through a little.
We headed in towards the Corrie but found thousands of other group toward the flat ice so diverted towards the morraines to practice a few essential skills before making for the Fiachaill Corrie Cas where we spied several thousand people all on winter skills courses and so we headed over the back and down towards Loch Avon. Stunning views as we headed over Cairngorm to rejoin the crowds on the way down windy ridge.
The ski area was very busy and the climbing also looked busy although very lean. The easy gullys all have some snow in them but are broken in many places with icy steps. The crags themselves has plenty of people on them although it was looking pretty black in places and certainly where the sun reaches them they strip off quick. Looks like a change to some more windy conditions in the morning.