Monday, February 13, 2012

Creag Megaidh, W Skills 2

Walking in plenty of snow higher up 

Coming upto the window on the way to the top

Climbers on the ice although lean there are routes being climbed 

Holes to watch out for in wet snow ! 

Creag Megaidh today for Emily and team. It was a damper and cloudier start than yesterday although almost as soon as I arrived the rain stopped and as the day went on the cloud slowly lifted and although windy up at the top it was not as bad as forecast. The snow was thawing though right the way up giving soft and wet walking.
We had a skills day today as we skipped a few things yesterday in place of enjoying the sun and views on the tops. We covered some sliding around and cramponing on some of the lower ice. From there it was up to the window and the top.
A few teams where out climbing one team on the Post Face and the others on Pumpkin and the Wand. The easier gullys although soft where complete with people in them. There was evidence of quite a few slides over the last few days.