Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Warm but brighter weather on the way ! Trip kit sponsors !

Its been a tad warm for the time of year accompanied by some pretty wet spells although there should be some brighter weather coming as the weekend approaches and also some cooler temps. There is snow and ice on Ben Nevis with the gullys still remaining well filled in although the ice still has some time to go before the cooler weekend arrives. The Cairngorms are looking a little springlike with patches rather than the cover the last winters have given us. But its early January and still lots of winter left before the glorious heat of the Scottish summer arrives.
Sponsor the big African Ride 
I have been out on the bike in preparation for this years cycle and have been getting a steady improvement on my loop time. From Corpach (easy track) its up to Loch Lochy and round that (stony) to the Lagan swing bridge and back along the A82 (terrifying) to the commando memorial, Spean Bridge and then back to Fort William on the cycle track from Nevis Range. A big thanks also to 'The Simply Group' who have agreed to sponser some of the kit requirements which includes the cooking kit, sleeping things and also fuel bottles and other things.