Monday, September 14, 2015

Olokwe Photo Blog

John at the top, I have been here four or five times now with John on reccies and group trips, an exceptionally nice Samburu Masai who I look forward to heading up there again with him. Its nice that its not a show piece these guys are just as they are and not putting a show on. If you look at the road, where it bends it looks like a river flows to the right Johns home and village is near the edge of the image. 

Can you spot the group all 28 are in this image, big country. 
Under the Acacias at base camp a very hot place but these hardy and very thorny trees seem to survive well in the climate. 
Base camp a proper bush camp with no facilities, make your own loo and forget about the shower till you get home. Burtons first experience of the North. 
And he found it a bit to hot on the first day often sleeping, but spent the whole night sat up peering out the door listening to the heavy barking from the Baboons looking very nervous as to the possibility of there being a giant dog somewhere near by. Baboons sound very big at night when they are shouting. He had to sleep inside due to the leopards which would have got him in the night. 
Myself and John Lesseppe at the top, John is the head guide at the Namunyak conservancy and works with all our groups, he has a wide knowledge of the area and the environment we are operating in. 
Dagama who works with us at RVA carefully prepares the goat for the BBQ all the blood has been drunk and it made for a great meal that night. Its where your food comes from, but with the Masai nothing goes to waste a very humain way of eating. 
The sun sets on another night on the tops 
A great group as usual who enjoyed one of the most unique and special places I have been fortunate enough to work in.