Monday, May 11, 2015

Busy few days

A busy few days with courses passing through we had a little AT and followed up by a school which went very well. We managed to avoid the rain which in some places has been torrential at times but somehow we have always just been clear of it when it mattered. The difference it has made to the area has been tremendous with the forest feeling much more tropical than normal. We have a steady stream of smaller groups passing through prior to main season kicking off soon. 
I have also put together a few clips over the break for Rob at High Mountain Guides as a season changer as the Alps passes from the spring ski mountaineering season to the summer Alpine guiding season. That can be seen below. 

High Mountain Guides Summer 2015 from High Mountain Guides on Vimeo.

So an interesting result at home as the government takes a turn for the worse. I have to admit that was not the result I was expecting to see nor any reflection on my proxy vote. Thats the last two times I have voted the unexpected has occurred. It would seem that the country is very much divided and now risks some real separation issues. Will be probably far more interesting to see what happens now than in the run up to the election which seemed quite uninteresting looking from afar. I should think a historical moment in politics where one narrowly takes the house and all the opposing sides leaders quit by breakfast. Leaving the public wondering who is who is the opposition now then. I fear this may have been a disastrous choice. 
But on a softer note I have been given a dog through our security guard who it turned out was very young. Iona who I collected from a chamba just outside Ethi where our Forest Camp is. I took a look and decided she would make a good friend in the bush and took her back. The was only nine weeks and very skinny but had some beans in her and also a lot of ticks and fleas. But with some scrubbing and feeding she has perked up a lot. She had it fairly hectic going from the chamba to a busy camp with people all wanting to pick her up and out at the crag and canyon most days but she has kept pace and got stronger so she should turn out fine. 

Iona keen to get out the Land Cruiser