Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Tanzania Reccie

Great biking terrain around the Arusha area 
I have been down in Tanzania recently having a look at some new venues and what could be on offer in the Arusha area for adventure courses. Arusha seems to have grown somewhat since I last passed through here ten years ago on the way to Killimanjaro. Its now a large and sprawling place but clean and well kept. Nestled under the impressive Mount Meru which looks like it would be a good summit and Killimanjaro round the corner it defiantly has a good menu for adventure courses.  The mountain biking would certainly be one highlight. I met with Adrian who has some bikes and runs trips in the area and took me out over the local hills at the back of his place. Great terrain nice open farmland and hills. There should be some nice multi day loops to do and its also possible to cycle down to Lake Manyara which would make a nice trip. I remember staying at the Twiga camp in Manyara a long time ago which would make for a nice finishing point. 
Arusha has a very relaxed pace to it 
The safari parks that are in the area are all the best ones to with Manyara, Ngorogoro, Tarangiri and the Serngeti. 
I checked out some nice sundowner treks one on a hill overlooking Arusha and the surrounding area was very nice. A small rounded hill called Souya which had a nice forested setting. There are numerous small day treks around the town on large rounded tops. 
There is also numerous waterfalls which I think with more time should throw up a canyon and a few jumps into pools which would complete the package nicely. 

Large coffee plantations surround the town on the slopes of Mt Meru 
Back to it in Nanyuki having made it across the land border complete with Ebola check which I have to say was not that comprehensive but I have the all clear which is the main thing! We have a string of Aventure Training courses and some school groups passing through which should keep us busy as we head towards Christmas and the New Year. Its a positive for us that we have plenty of people passing through as tourism on the continent takes a hit with the various security threats and also Ebola which is no where near us but seems to be getting some hysterical reactions from some countries.