Friday, September 5, 2014

Heavy rains

Stormy weather at the moment with heavy rains, like being in Scotland without the midge ! 
Well its been back with the first of the months groups for some Adventure Training at camp and also over in the forest. The long rains which are due here in April seemed to never arrive but having returned from the coast it looks like they have arrived now. We have had a very wet few days over the last course. Its pretty normal in the UK to work through the rain but here things are a little more tricky. The roads being the main issue literally disintegrate making travel anywhere other than the tarmac pretty epic. The mud here or ‘black cotton soil’ is like driving on black ice. Although as far as the area is concerned the rain is a good thing, the forest especially was in dire need of some rain and it almost instantly turned green which I have not seen before. 
We managed to get various things done despite the rain including using our smaller canyon nearer the main road which was pretty full having had the rain and resembled something like swimming in a bowl of coco pops with the brown milky water unlike the usual clear blue. 
We shall be fairly busy this month as bookings are coming in for various courses.