Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Game weekend

Buffalo on Zebra plains 
I was out over the weekend with Gareth and Anton who where with us for a trip up the mountain this week. Over the weekend we headed out into the conservancy for some game driving and also a bike safari which all went well and we got some good viewing in along the way. During the briefing to all the mountain team the game viewing began. As the group sat in a semi circle with backs to the fence we ran through the various bits of kit that would be needed on the mountain as we did a large Cheetah walked past the fence line only a few metres behind, certainly the best sighting I have had. 
We headed out after the rains driving past various spots in the afternoon, the main animals where lions of which we saw numerous sightings including an attempted kill and them eating a successful kill. Various other animials which can be seen in this one minute film below which was taken as we drive round. 

a moment in Ol Pejeta from Dan Goodwin on Vimeo.